IMG_9964Hi! I’m Trutheatrekid, just like many of you, I am passionate about all things theatre. In2012 I decided to show this passion not just onstage, but through social media. First, I created an Instagram account where I posted edits of pictures of common theatre thoughts and Broadway shows. As my audience grew to a few hundred I spread to Twitter where I now reach over 1900! Slowly I morphed into solely a Twitter admin until last year when I was bitten by the writing bug. It seems I always have more to say than the 140 character confines of Twitter will allow so I started a blog, this blog. Here I post stories from my life, narrate the rehearsal process of shows I am in, and post articles and poetry about theatre. Soon I hope to expand and start doing reviews of Broadway shows and makeup products as well as tutorials.

Being Trutheatrekid has allowed me to do so many things I never could have imagined. Through this alter ego of mine I have met hundreds of theatre kids, communicated with Broadway stars, and even been invited as press to an invitation only final dress rehearsal of a Broadway show! Nothing is cooler than going to various places and people wanting to meet me just because they like the material I post! I have enjoyed the last four years so much and I can’t wait to see what is to come! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and enjoy the blog!



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