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Opening Night!

imageAs many of you know, my show Little Women opens tonight! I could not be more excited for this show. This is BY FAR one of my favorite casts and I am so excited to show all the hard work we have been putting into it.

The thrill of opening night is a combination of weeks of rehearsal… And that last final stretch we not so fondly call “hell week”. While I DO NOT love the long nights, the stress, and the panic that leads to snappy remarks, I do love the week I get to spend with my cast fully immersed in the show. Last night, on my 45 minute ride from the theatre to my house I actually got a little sad that it is over! But the anticipation for tonight overrides it!

With this show being about a family unit, it has encouraged our cast to get VERY close. Along with there only being 12 people in it! Our cast has had game night, planned to go see other shows, have had MULTIPLE group messages, and I love our little family.

I play young Amy, the baby of the March family, and I think this is my favorite role I’ve ever played. She is a brat which isn’t the character I typically get cast in. This is my second show with the production company and I’m so lucky that they seem to see me as versatile I can’t wait for family and friends to see this show! So to my cast tonight, break a leg!


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