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Valentines Day: 2-Show Day Edition!

Opening weekend was a success! Our performances all went extremely well! I love this cast and getting to spend Valentines weekend with them is by far one of my favorite memories!
I got to the theatre pretty early Friday, probably around 4:45, we wanted to run a scene. Although, I ended up doing some last minute scenic work for my (amazing!) director. Then I headed back to the dressing room to get ready. There, our brilliant choreographer brought us some early Valentines treats since she wouldn’t be able to be with us on the 14th. Opening night had the expected kinks, but overall the show was amazing! During our meet and greet I was told I was a “great brat” which was what I was going for but still hard to say thanks too!
Saturday was by far one of the best theatre experiences. Call time was at 11:00am and I was pleasantly surprised to see our Aunt March had brought the cast doughnuts, our sweet co-director had made red velvet cupcakes

IMG_8360, our stage manager brought little cups full of candy, and “Marmee” had made us all goody bags! As a single lady, I’m not used to being so spoiled on valentines day!


Between shows, Young Amy, Meg, Beth, and Laurie, all piled into Jo’s car and went to Chick-Fil-A for some much needed sustenance! We all knew I was hungry because during the matinee, when Laurie picked me up to carry me in after I “fell through the ice” my stomach made the least attractive noise possible!
After filling up with chicken and having deep discussions about dream roles we headed back to the theatre and filled up on throat coat (which our sweet “Marmee” had brought us). Since we didn’t have to redo hair and makeup (which is a good thing because my hair takes 30-40 minutes) we just kind of hang out until show time. But even with extra time we were still a but rushed. I am known for procrastinating before shows and evening shows on a 2-show day are the worst! This is what I usually end up looking like for mic-check

IMG_8359… I make it into my petticoat, but somehow I never have time to put the rest of my costume on!
The evening show was probably my best show yet. I felt like I had so much energy, and the audience was super responsive! I also had some of my friends in the audience which is always a plus!

This cast is amazing, and although I still have another weekend of shows, I’m already starting to feel that PSD come on. This cast loves doing things together and over the last few months, we have truly become family. I love my little women cast and they made this weekend the best valentines day ever!



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