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Pick-Up Rehearsals

When a show runs for multiple weekends, it is not unheard of to have what is called a “pick-up” rehearsal. This is mostly to ensure that the actors and crew still remember how the show runs after almost a full week off. Last night I had my final rehearsal, my “pick-up” for Little Women.
During our mic check, our director told us that because we had such a small cast, filled with (mostly) adults, he would allow us to have a “prank night”. I think he had small practical jokes in mind, but my comedic cast had other plans.
The show started off with humor when the orchestra began playing our opening number in a minor key instead of major. How depressing! Then Beth decided to say all her lines incredibly sassy and Marmee received a “text” from father! When Jo went to chop down Mr. Laurence’s tree, she came back with none other than Mrs.Kirk on the sled! It went something like this:

Marmee: Jo where did you find that girl?
Jo: I borrowed her from Mr. Laurence
Marmee: you can’t just kidnap every child you see!

Obviously, I couldn’t keep it together. Mr. Laurence stole the night when we watched him “twerking” through the window. True hilarity ensued when I, Amy, was ready for the ball and was followed by our asst. director wearing Jo’s “short wig” and prof. Bhaer wearing a cape and hat. Both accessorized with fans.
After act one, our director gave up on us actually rehearsing and called off the rest of rehearsal seeing as it had taken us nearly 2 hours to do an hour long act 1. Thankfully, he feels we are ready for our show tonight. The only worry now, is whether or not we will have the show. Weather, as many of you can concur, has been really bad in my area, and we are afraid we might be snowed in! So hopefully the snow/ice will hold off and the show will go on!



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