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Closing Night

By the time this is posted, it will have been a week since the eventful closing weekend of Little Women. Before I get into the messy details of some of the chaos that ensued, let me say this, I had a BLAST. This will probably go down as my favorite show I have ever done. I loved it so much!

So now to the nitty gritty. We were supposed to have 3 shows. One on Friday, and two on Saturday. However, due to weather in our area, Friday night, and the Saturday matinee were cancelled. Being our final weekend, everyone was pretty upset about this situation, but we understand it was for our safety.

Now, there was no way that they were going to cancel our final performance. We were determined to do it no matter what. Even though our Meg, was stuck on the top of a mountain and had no idea if she could make the 40 minute drive to the theatre. So, as a precaution, our directors called the girl playing older Amy and had her learning Meg’s role about 3 hours in advance. Then when I got to the theatre (about 2 hours before curtain) they told me to begin learning older Amy’s part. It was terrifying! The show definitely would have been entertaining! But we Amy’s would have had it covered! My assistant director (who I can’t say enough good things about) said that if she had to throw anyone on stage last minute, she would choose us. She even paid me a HUGE compliment saying that she was so impressed with me always being prepared, knowing my lines, cues, and blocking!

Thankfully, Meg made it and the show went on as planned. I stalled getting my costume on (as usual). We took TONS of pictures, including recreating Andrew Keenan Bolgers Instagram shot with Laurie/Rodrigo and the sisters, and got ready for our final performance. During our pre-show cast meeting, our directors gave the usual speech about missing the show, and wanting to see us again, and STRONGLY encouraged us to audition for Big Fish this spring. They even told me they wouldn’t lock me in the kids corner again like they did for Oz (long story!).  

Once onstage, I quickly realized that we had the best audience yet! It was our largest crowd, and they were so responsive! Not only laughing when they were supposed to, but cracking up! And when Beth died, I know there wasn’t a single dry eye in the audience, or backstage for that matter. The show went so well! When I said my last line onstage as Amy, “bye everyone” I nearly started crying and Meg hugged me as soon as I got offstage. 

After the show, and after the meet and greet (more pictures!) 

we had to strike set because another show was moving into the theatre the next day. This included sorting costumes to give back to their respective owners, cleaning dressing rooms, tearing down the March house, putting up the orchestra pit, and taking all the stuff to storage. We were there until midnight! Then most the cast went to the storage unit to unload the u–haul, but Jo Laurie, and I went to drop off his car, and then went to Steak n Shake expecting them to meet us there. By it turns out we had to leave Steak ‘n Shake (after ordering drinks, sorry waitress!) and go back to help. Needless to say, I didn’t get home until 2, and was up until 3 because my iPad was blowing up with tags from face books, twitter, and Instagram!

This week, PSD has been hitting real hard. I’m really surprised. I haven’t cried writing this. Our cast party cannot come soon enough! I miss my cast and can’t wait to see them all again! But, I’m sure I will stay busy until then!

You all know the question you get when a show ends, “what’s next for you?” Well sometimes you have to suffer through that because you have no earthly idea, but that’s not the case for me! I am currently in rehearsals for the Wizard of Oz which will be in April, hopefully will be auditioning for Big Fish in March, and will be traveling to NYC to do a workshop and see Aladdin at the end of March! Juggling all that with school is difficult, but that’s the life of a theatre kid right? And no matter the difficulty, we can’t help but love us!


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