Dream Roles

Dream roles are an interesting thing. They are what they sound like, the roles you dream of playing. You think they will last forever that your dream roles won’t change. But as you age and mature, your dream roles change with you.

As a little girl, like most young girls I dreamed of being a red-haired orphan, or a farm girl transported to a magical land adorned with ruby slippers. I fantasized about being a raggedy servant transformed into a princess with glass slippers or even the youngest daughter of a man questioning the purpose of his life around Christmas time. I’m sure you can guess what most of these roles are and are rolling your eyes at how cliche I am, but don’t you dare deny that you’ve never wanted something cheesy.

Now at 17 years old, I know that I am far from fully maturing. But as I have grown as a young woman and an actress, and as my interest in theatre has blossomed, I have found my taste in roles changing. I am no longer totally against my typecast which tends to be the sweet quiet girl, or the love interest. But I do like branching out. My most recent role, young Amy in Little Women let me do a little bit of both. Be the sweet little girl, and a brat. Also, as I have grown, I no longer see myself drawn to the same roles.

Annie is definitely no longer in my sights. For one, I am too old, and also, I now understand I am more drawn to the sentimentality of the story’s role in my childhood, than the role itself. It is kind of the same with Dorothy. It is one of the first shows I remember seeing and for years, my top goal in theatre was to where that blue gingham dress. Now I know that I was in love with the nostalgia, not the braids. Also after doing it twice, I don’t think I want to go through that show again.

One role that has stayed the same throughout the years, is Cinderella. I can’t help it. My whole life, I have been in love with that story and that role no matter the adaptation. Rodgers & Hammerstein would be a joy to perform, but lately I’ve found myself wanting to portray Sondheim’s Cinderella in Into the Woods.

That is another example of dream roles changing. When I was first introduced to Into the Woods about 3 years ago, I would have given anything to play Little Red and while I could still get cast as her, I would probably go for Cinderella now.

Dream roles are ever changing and that’s ok! It doesn’t mean you don’t like a show anymore, it just means that you are maturing and changing as an actress/actor and a person.  As I am soon to become an adult I am drawn to more mature roles. No more Little Red, Annie, or Dorothy for this girl!

Current dream roles: (in no particular order)

Violet- Violet

Sylvia- Finding Neverland

Jo- Little Women

Cinderella- Into the Woods

Eponine- Les Miserables

Peter Pan- Peter Pan

Leading Player- Pippin


Kathy seldon- singin in the rain

Judy Haynes- White Christmas

Helen Keller- The Miracle Worker

Galinda- Wicked

This list is far from complete, and is sure to change in size over the next few years and experiences. I know there is no guarantee or any chance at all that I will ever play these roles, but that’s why they are “dream” roles. We are free to dream and fantasize about these roles. And hey, if we never get cast as these characters, no one can stop us from portraying them in our room with our mirrors as the audience!


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