Choosing that Perfect Audition Song

As some of you know from my twitter, I have auditions coming up. Next week. I thought the auditions were a week later and that I’d have more time to prepare. But no, I have to choose and prepare an audition song before Tuesday.

When choosing audition songs, I always try to choose a song that won’t be too overdone, something in the same style of the musical, and something I am already kind of familiar with so I don’t have to learn a song last minute and risk forgetting it during my audition.

Now, I have to admit, I have made some terrible mistakes when choosing audition songs. Sometimes they work out well, like when I sang Part of Your World for my Honk audition and got the role of Ida. But sometimes it doesn’t work out so well, like the time I sang Not For the Life of Me for my Shrek audition and only got in because they cast all 60 people that auditioned and ended up dropping out (long story!). Nevertheless, your audition song is a key player in your audition experience and is a huge factor in how you are cast.

My last few audition song picks, were pretty good (if I do say so myself)! I sang Home from Beauty and the Beast for my Wizard of Oz audition and Sixteen going on Seventeen for Little Women. I felt like Home was a perfect fit, and Sixteen going on Seventeen was kind of a last minute pick, but I already knew it very well! It worked well for me, earning me the role of Amy!

But for this audition, I have struggled. Almost everything I like, is overdone. AND I have less than a week to learn it! I looked at songs from 13, Oklahoma, Bonnie and Clyde, and so many more! Finally, I had a revelation yesterday. One of my latest musical obsessions has been Violet which starred Sutton Foster in the title role last year on Broadway. I have been singing the tune On My Way for months, and have decided to go with that for my audition. Yes, I know the song may be overdone at colleges and even other places, but I don’t really think it will be at my theatre. Plus, even if 3 other girls sing it, I can sing it well, it showcases my strengths, and it fits with the style of the show. As long as they know how well I can sing and interpret the song that’s the main point right?


Also, I’m not really going for a lead, I mean that would be great, but I’m not really in the right age range. I really want my dancing to stand out in this audition. Plus, I’ve worked with this company, almost nonstop for the past six months, so they know my abilities. I am feeling pretty confident heading into this audition! I’m just glad that I am past that stress of finding a song and can finally focus on perfecting it!

I am so pumped to audition for Big Fish and if I get in, I will be more than excited to perform it! I’m absolutely in love with the story and the movie holds a special place in my heart. It kind of “belongs” to my dad and I, it’s “our” movie! I’m even planning on if I get in, dedicating my performance to him! (Ok say it, I’m a daddy’s girl!)

Wish me luck! I’ll let you all know how it goes!


One thought on “Choosing that Perfect Audition Song

  1. Dear Mr Makhabane,Sir l was suggesting that maybe you can even search a multi talented new gospel singer who can sing some of our late legends voices to be remembered by the entire nation,how about that


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