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That One Time I had Auditions, Callbacks, and was Invited to a Broadway Dress Rehearsal… All in One Week

This week has been crazy, no, not crazy, insane. So many ups and downs, so many unexpected twists, I’m surprised I haven’t had a nervous breakdown (even though I have come close!)

To start off,  school has been packed. The amount of tests, projects, papers, and even the national Latin exam, has been ridiculous. But on top of all that, I’ve had auditions. All of you know what those are like. The nerves, the doubt. I was auditioning for Big Fish. I was with the same people who did Little Women, so at least I felt comfortable singing in front of them. The audition itself, went really well. My singing was some of the best it has been in a while! But before the audition, I may or may not have embarrassed myself a little bit (typical me!) when walking into the audition room, I couldn’t get the door open… I pulled and pulled and pulled until I finally realized, I had to push *facepalm*. I was going to say something about it once I finally got in,I but they didn’t say anything, so I didn’t either. But then I sang and it was pretty good.

I was feeling pretty great about the audition and was already pretty hyped up, so what I found when I got home almost put me over the edge. I got home, and checked twitter and saw that I had six direct messages in my inbox..weird. I open it up and see that the upcoming broadway musical, Finding Neverland had invited me to come to their final dress rehearsal before they begin previews. This is when they invite other broadway performers/producers/critics to come check out their show! Not little theatre account admins like me. I am unashamed to say that I ran around the house screaming for about an hour. I mean stuff like this doesn’t happen to a girl like me! I was beyond honored to get the invitation. However, I could not accept *sobbing uncontrollably*. I live quite a distance away from New York and the rehearsal is this weekend so I don’t think I can make it. I just wish the timing was better because I’M GOING TO BE IN NEW YORK CITY IN TWO WEEKS UGH. But I am really thankful I was invited. And can I just say, if you have a chance to go see that show, DO IT, it is absolutely BRILLIANT!

So that basically put me in a pretty great mood (even though I am still sad I can’t go) . All this was Tuesday. Yesterday, I went through the whole day just thinking “what ifs”. I had a lot on my mind! “What if” I had gotten to go? “What if” I get a callback? Oh yeah, I had auditioned for a show!

So typically, this theatre company sends callback emails out fairly early the day after the final (2nd) day of auditions. So when I got out of class (3:00) and still had not received an email, I had just about given up on getting a callback. Now I know I still could have gotten cast without one, but still, everyone likes to get a callback. So I was a little discouraged but still wanted to know if anyone else I knew had gotten a callback so I started checking my social media sites. There, on Facebook, I saw that the theatre company had posted that they had not sent out emails yet because of work. So I waited, and I waited and waited. Finally, I got my email! I have callback tonight and will know something by Friday!

So that’s what has been going on in my life this week! Thank you for all your support! I couldn’t have done half of this without you!


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