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First Read Through

Last night, we had our first read through of Big Fish, and can I just brag for a moment, it is GORGEOUS! You know a show is going to be special when it makes people cry the first time they read/sing through it!

We began with a cast meeting to go over the rules of the road. Most of this I knew but we also got details on the tap classes that we are required to take for this show (SCARY). That all lasted almost an hour…

Then we started the read through. And boy, can we pull off those Alabama accents! Between the stompin’, knee slappin’, and “ya’lls” there will be no question of where this show is set. Along with the line dancing that our wonderful choreographer is sure to throw in! By the time we reached the end, when a certain character (no spoilers!) dies. We weren’t just crying, we were sobbing. It was worse than when Beth died in little women last month. But it is a beautiful ending.

After our assistant director (the same one I had for little women) who I ADORE! Made us daffodil cupcakes 😉😉! Then we got to mingle and meet our cast. I can already tell I’m going to love them! Although, I’ve already been identified as a rule breaker *gasp* because… I licked my cupcake when they told me not too because we were taking a picture.

So, ok I’ve rambled a bit, and you probably don’t care about this but I am just so excited to start this show and would like to share the journey with you guys. And I know it’s a shorter post, I just wanted to give y’all an update. Tell me in the comments what kind of blog posts you would like to see!


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