Liebster Award Nominations

I was so honored to be nominated by for a Liebster Award! I started this blog just as something fun to do and so I could express thoughts and ideas without the 140 character limit of twitter. So you could say I was surprised when I saw that I had been nominated! Everyone be sure to go check out their blog!

Who is your favorite Disney character of all time?

When I was little it would be Cinderella all the way but I also really like Ariel and Rapunzel!

Which composer in the modern era do you look up to the most?

Alan Menken, Howard Shore, and Stephen Sondheim

Which musical that you have seen is the most spectacular?

I just saw Aladdin on broadway and I’m still pretty hung up on that. Spectactular is a pretty great word to describe it! 

What is your favorite show tune?

I can’t name just one! But I find myself singing Newsies, Bonnie and Clyde, Legally Blonde, Matilda, Finding Neverland, and Big Fish a lot! 

Which is the most horrendous song you have heard in your life?

Hmm, Booty, and anything Spongebob has ever sung

Which song represents you the most

1945 by Jamie Grace

Who do you model yourself after? (It can be someone in real life or a fictional character)

I try very hard to be my own person but I look to women like Julie Andrews, and Audrey Hepburn for inspiration 

Where in the world do you want to visit the most?

I have always wanted to go to New Zealand or London

If you drop by Florida to visit one theme park only, will you visit Walt Disney World or Universal Studios?


What sort of career do you aspire to have?

I want to be a professional actress and inspire people like I have been inspired 


So these are all my answers! I love so many other blogs it is nearly impossible for me to just choose 10 more! So… I nominate anyone reading this blog to answer the following questions! If you choose to respond post a link to your blog in the comments! 


  1. What job in the theatre (other than acting) would you like to try?
  2. What is your favorite show currently on broadway?
  3. What shows have made you cry (or changed you emotionally)?
  4. What popular movie should be turned into a musical?
  5. What is the furthest you have ever been from home?
  6. What popular (movie) actor/actress should be on broadway?
  7. Which theatre actor/actress should be in a movie? 
  8. If you could play one role of the opposite gender what would it be? 
  9. If Shakespeare were alive today, what would he think of modern theatre?
  10. If you were to write a musical what would it be?

One thought on “Liebster Award Nominations

  1. Thank you for responding to my Liebster Award Nomination. I enjoyed your responses.

    (1) I don’t feel that much for Cinderella. I am more neutral about her. Rapunzel is not bad, and Ariel is hands down my favorite Princess! I have ranked my favorite Disney princesses so you can have a look at that on my blog!

    (2) Is Alan Menken a must-have in everybody’s list? He is my favorite composer, but after seeing many responses with Menken it seems a little boring. Not that it’s a bad thing. ALAN MENKEN RULES! Not that familiar with Shore’s work, but I need not say more about Sondheim. His music is near perfect! I enjoy Into the Woods the most, but that differs from Sondheim fan to Sondheim fan apparently.

    (3) No doubts. Aladdin is the most spectacular thing on Broadway now! (I am biased though, because I LOVE Aladdin.)

    (4) Haha, it is difficult to pick just one, isn’t it?

    (5) LOL @ Spongebob. Can’t imagine that a Spongebob musical is coming to Broadway… I thought Shrek and Spiderman were terrible enough ideas.

    (6) Nice!

    (7) Those two are elegant… I respect these actresses a great deal.

    (8) Hmmm… not so sure what is in New Zealand. London… go there next Spring, to catch Aladdin opening in the West End! LOL I must be a huge Aladdin fan to know that, you might think.

    (9) I regretted asking that question because EVERYONE GAVE THE SAME ANSWER. Not that I did not expect it. =P

    (10) Same here. Actor for me though. I am a guy.

    Hmm, I might choose to respond over the weekend, since I also owe someone else a response, but I won’t be making any more nominations and questions though.

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