My life

Update: Blessed, Stressed, and Slightly Depressed

Hello true theatre kids! I feel terrible because I feel the need to write a post. I feel bad because I should not need to post, I should want to post, and I do, but to be honest… I’ve stalled. I have no good ideas to write about write now AND I have been crazy busy! Between school, 2 shows and being my schools newly elected beta president I have struggled to find time to sit down and even write this short little post.

I feel like after one of my recent posts: anything else I write will be boring because that one was so much fun and exciting. I don’t want to say I am discouraged because I am such a new blogger but I really do feel bad that I haven’t been able to post regularly because blogging is something I really want to do and something I really enjoy doing.

Now none of this is to say that I am going to stop blogging, it just may not be 2-3 times a week like it used to be. However, I do have some events coming up that I will be blogging about so stay tunes! And also, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, if you would leave me suggestions to help me get over this bout of writer’s block! I have enjoyed reading several of your blogs for inspiration so I know some of you have some positively brilliant ideas!


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