Tony Award Nominations: Reflection 

The second most anticipated day of a theatre kids calendar, second only to the long awaited Tony Awards was yesterday… The tony award nominations. Now, this brought several well, surprises. Both good and bad. Before I begin, let me just say congratulations to all the nominees. There was a lot of competition this year with all the amazing shows that took the boards. Everyone on broadway, not just the nominees, is insanely talented just to have made it on the great white way.

An American in Paris and Fun Home lead the way with 12 nominations apiece. I have heard amazing reviews of each show and both are well deserving. Other shows nominated included: Gigi, On the Town, The King and I, Hand to God, The Elephant Man, and many many more. However, there was one show you all know I absolutely adore that was missing from the list of nominees… Finding Neverland.

Now, I know the whole spiel about how the nomination committee aren’t typically well, kind to musicals made from movies. As well as the critics having very mixed reviews. But the way I see it you have to forget about the movie, and just look at the musical. It has brilliant music (although traditionalist critics don’t seem to like the “pop” score, AMAZING set design, and a stunning cast of veterened pros. Keeping all that in mind, why wasn’t this show nominated for anything? I understand why they might not nominate for best musical, but why not set design, lighting, or for choreographer Mia Michaels inventive choreography? Why isn’t Laura Michelle Kelly nominated for her heart wrenching portrayed of Sylvia Llewellyn Davies? Why isn’t Diane Paulus being recognized at all for her innovative direction of this musical? I really do feel this show was insanely snubbed and deserved at least one nomination, if not for best musical for something else.

Another musical I feel robbed in at least one committee is Gigi. No, I do not wish Vanessa Hudgens had been nominated (although I was really hoping Corey Cott would get a nod). But COSTUME DESIGN! Those costumes are BEAUTIFUL!

Ok that’s enough for now. What are your thoughts on yesterday’s tony nominations?


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