What’s in my rehearsal bag?

Rehearsal anywhere from 2-5 times a week (sometimes more during dress/tech) is a regular part of any theatre kids life. We love it and we love to complain about it. One thing we love to complain about is not having something we know we need. To counteract this issue, I am going to share with you some of my rehearsal bag essentials that I try not to leave my house without.

Now, what I bring to rehearsal with me depends on what kind of rehearsal I am going to. This applies especially to the show I am currently in, Big Fish. So far, we have been having dance rehearsals at a nearby dance studio and music rehearsals at the theatre. But for the sake of efficiency, I am just going to combine what I bring to both. Please keep in mind that this is what I personally bring and these aren’t necessarily things you need to suceed in the world of theatre.

1. A bag

…Duh right?!?! It doesn’t really matter what kind of bag you bring as long as it holds all your stuff. The bag I have been using lately is a blue aeropostle canvas tote bag. But I have also used a small l.l. Bean duffel, Vera Bradley’s grand traveler, or a small cinch-bag. It all depends on what I am planning to bring to rehearsal (shoes, script, costumes, makeup, etc.)

2. Water 

Again, kind of obvious but how can you make it through a rehearsal without water?!? Whether you are singing, dancing, or blocking it is necessary to stay hydrated. I always bring 2-3 water bottles, or a refillable water bottle I can fill up at the water fountains (but at my theatre I don’t recommend it… They are NASTY). Occasionally I add lemon slices to my water, especially when I am singing. Something about the citric acid really helps my voice, it also really helps if you have a cold or a sore throat.

3. Shoes 

Now this may not be something everyone needs but probably if you are in a musical, primarily with dancing, you will need at least one pair of shoes. For my dance rehearsals, I keep a pair of jazz shoes, tap shoes, and character shoes with me. I don’t always keep all these with me usually just jazz or character shoes, but for this particular show, I need all three.

4. Script

Once again, kind of self explanatory. How can you get through a rehearsal without a script?

5. Personal essentials 

These are just a few bits I like to keep handy. Deodorant,  hair ties, bobby pins, ricola, body spray, headbands- anything I could possibly need to stay fresh and keep hair out of my face. Just always good things to keep around. As well as my phone, my wallet, and occasionally my iPad in case I need anything off of that.

This really sums it up! Again, this is what I keep with me, I would love to hear anything you tend to keep in your rehearsal bag! Please leave me feedback! I makes me so happy when I hear from you guys!
**Links to all products mentioned are included 

*the aeropostle duffel is not what I actually use. My bag is old and has been discontinued. 


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