Newsies Nashville Adventure 

Last Wednesday, I had the privilege of going to see one of my favorite musicals with a few of my favorite people. We journeyed to Nashville, TN to go see the national tour of Newsies. The show was breathtaking, the cast was brilliant, and I made some memories that will last forever.

We began by piling into the van. And I mean that literally. We were actually on top of eachother. With four of us stuck into the back bench seat, you could say we grew a lot “closer”.  

We drove, and talked, and drove, and talked some more until we finally reached our destination. We were a few hours early so we went to get dinner at a great restaurant called Puckett’s. If you are ever in Nashville go check this place out, it is delicious. It was right across from a Starbucks which as many of you know is heavily frequented by the touring cast and luckily, I was sitting across from a window that looked out at said Starbucks. While we were eating we saw the one and only Joshua Burrage going to get his pre-show caffeine. We wanted to go say high, but we missed our oppurtunity. Thankfully we got a second chance to meet a newsie.

We had just bowed our heads to pray before our meal when I peeked (shameful I know.) but I’m kind of glad I did it because who else did I see across this blessed street than Jack Kelly himself, Dan DeLuca. As soon as my friend said amen I yelled, I shouted, I screamed, “THATS DAN DELUCA!” We thought we were about to miss him too when he started walking towards the restaurant. Quicker than I have ever moved we ran out of the restaurant. He had already walked past the restaurant so my friend proceeded to shout his name! He turned around with a looked of confusion and surprise but stopped while we explained that we were there to see the show and asked to take a picture with him. He introduced us to his dad who was kind enough to take the photo and talked to us for a few moments. He was honestly so nice and genuine. He was just trying to go get a quick meal with his father before the snow but he was nice enough to stop for us for a photo and some hugs:)   

 After we met him, I couldn’t stop shaking, much less eat much of my food! From that point on we couldn’t peel our eyes away from the window hoping to meet more newsies! Sadly we didn’t but we did get to see them again!

Then we went to the theatre, the gorgeous Tennessee Performing Arts Center (tpac)  the show was magnificent. Honestly I enjoyed every single second. From the Santa Fe prologue to curtain call my eyes did not leave that stage. Dan DeLuca did not disappoint as the fearless leader Jack, Jacob Kemp shined as the sensible Davey, and Stephanie Styles was adorable as the bold Katherine Plumber. I could not get over Angela Grovey’s powerhouse voice or Ben Cooks breathtaking turns. I cry laughed when Jeff Heimbrock as Spot Conlon told an audience member to shut up when the hollered at his (amazing) arms. Steve Blanchard made me despise Pulitzer and Vincent Crocilla was every bit as precious and sassy as Les should be. Zachary Sayle is my new favorite Crutchie especially with his heartbreaking “Letter From the Refuge” and Jordan Samuels flipped his way right into my heart as Specs .The rest of the newsies made my heart soar with their flips, turns, and amazing vocal abilities.  

 This show is truly inspiring and the tour made me question all over again why it ever closed on broadway. It made me want to be a better performer, to work harder on my dancing, singing, and acting. It made me believe that I can make a career for myself in musical theatre if I just work hard and keep fighting for it. It reminded me that is you believe in something with a passion, with a little hard work you can make it happen. One day I hope to do a national tour like this and have as much fun as these guys do carrying the banner. If just going to see Newsies was as amazing as it was I can only imagine how magical that would be.


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