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Sometimes things don’t work out… For the best

If my title confuses you, good, it confuses me too. As performers we all know how things don’t work out, we don’t get cast, we have issues with another performer, we don’t like the director, so many things exist in our world of theatre that just don’t work out.

Last month I auditioned for a local production of Fiddler on the Roof. It was my first time working with this company and I was really looking forward to this opportunity. Well, I went to my audition and it was the worst I have ever done. The accompanist played my song in the wrong key, and for some reason I couldn’t stay on tempo. I thought I was done then and there. But then, much to my surprise I got a callback! I was thrilled that they had chosen to give me a second chance. However, when I got to the callback I learned that that was not the case. I’m not sure why they gave me a callback because it was very obvious that they had no intention for casting me in the role I was called back for. It was obvious that the director already knew who he was going to cast and I was not one of them. The callback was like a consolation prize or something.

When I got the cast list later that night I found myself in the ensemble. I wasn’t surprised but I was upset because I was not in the women’s ensemble, but the children’s. I am 18 years old and tired of being stuck with the kids. This along with the directors clear dismissal of me at the callbacks pushed me over the edge and I chose not to accept the role. Plus, I live 45 minutes away from the theatre and driving that far to do something I don’t want to do seemed like a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is wrong with the ensemble, I’ve been in the ensemble more than I’ve been a lead and I’ve had some of the best times ever in the ensemble. But this show isn’t a huge ensemble show, especially for the children and I don’t want to pour so much time and effort into a project where I am not needed.

After all this drama, I began looking for other oppurtunities. After the whole fiddler debacle it had been revealed to me that I didn’t have enough time for school and a show during the school week with all the senior year stuff I have going on. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t find something to do on the weekends.

Last night, I auditioned for my first paid performing job… And I got it! I am now working as a dancer at a local tourist attraction that has over 400,000 guests a year. This is a great opportunity for me to get paid doing something I love and to add credits to my resume! I was heartbroken when Fiddler on the Roof didn’t work out, but if it had I wouldn’t have been able to take this great opportunity. I start rehearsals next week and will begin working every weekend next month having 4 shows a day and teaching folk dances to the guests in between! I am so excited to begin this new chapter!

PS I hope you all are enjoying these diary-type posts but stay tuned for my first review post soon!


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