My life

You’ll Never Walk Alone

This week has been one of the most stressful weeks I have had in a very long time. I have my first big college audition Friday, my iPad (and main note-taking advice) decided to quit working in the middle of the school day, and i had to spend almost all the money I have to replace it with this new laptop I am writing this on. Even the things which would typically be good, have caused stress in my life. For example, I received news today that I am in the running for a full ride scholarship to one of my top schools, which makes me extremely happy but, its in a little over a week giving me that short amount of time to write an essay, prepare for my interview, and I’ll have to miss another day of school after missing this Friday.

This blog sounds pretty cynical doesn’t it? I promise there is an upside. With the amount of stress I’ve been under (and I haven’t even listed the half of it) I have learned how important it is to have an outlet. Many of you understand how theatre can be an outlet for many.But its not just being in a play, or going to rehearsals that can work as that outlet. While those can certainely help, do you know what i have found works? Showtunes. Do you know how applicable they can be to so many things in life? Below I have compiled a list of shows with songs that help me deal with different emotions.

  1. When you’re angry: Rent for when your filled with the distress and feeling helpless. And then Hamilton to encourage you to do something about it and get back up on you’re feet.
  2. When You’re sad: go for some Les Mis, or Little Women to let the tears flow, and then listen to Big Fish. That show covers such a wide range of emotions that it will get you through the tears and by the end leave you feeling hopeful.
  3. When you’re happy: You know what always makes me happy? Rodgers and Hammerstein, those melodies will be running through your head all day and will keep that smile on your face.
  4. And finally, when you’re stressed or feeling alone: Side Show. I Will Never Leave You, and Who Will Love Me as I Am remind you of the importance of having people surrounding you that have got your back. Also, back to the Rodgers and Hammerstein with Carousel’s You’ll Never Walk Alone. No matter how alone you feel, people care about you that you don’t even know about.

I guess this is where my blog takes a positive turn. If you are reading this right now and are struggling with feeling abandoned, or if you’re just having an insanely stressful week like I am, please know that you can talk to me about it. Leave a comment or shoot me a dm on twitter and I will get back to you as soon as I see it. We are all in this crazy life together, and to top it all off, we are theatre kids who probably understand each other better than most others.


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