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College Auditions: Update

As many of you know, Over the last month I have been auditioning for a few different college musical theatre programs. This has been a very stressful time for me and honestly the support I have received from my friends, family, and you all have helped me ride this emotional roller coaster. Now I happen to know that many of you are going through this same process right now and I thought maybe, just maybe sharing my experiences could help some of you.

My audition journey began on January 29 when I went to my #1 choice college. The day was run as any professional audition. I checked in, got my time and began to wait. However, I was not waiting for very long because they bumped my time up a full hour. I was very caught off guard and nervous because they had told me I would have some time to warm up after a workshop I was also supposed to attend. Well, I didn’t get to participate in the workshop, and was not able to warm up as much as I wold have liked. But as our old mantra dictates, the show must go on! I walked into the audition room with what I hope appeared to be the confidence I didn’t have. I sang my two songs (Pulled from the Addams Family, and Everything I Know from In the Heights) The songs went ok, definitely not my best but it could have been much worse. My voice did crack at one point due to the lack of warmups. Nevertheless, I continued on to my monologue from The Diary of Anne Frank and although I forgot part of it due to nerves I kept going and I doubt the panel even noticed. After I walked out of the audition room, all the other kids waiting outside told me how pretty I sounded and were very complimentary (something I have found to be rare at auditions of this kind). I was then ushered to a choral audition that composed of some warmups and sight singing and then partook in a music theory test. After all this was over I waited around some more until my dance call that afternoon. There, a small group of prospective students and I were taught a short jazz combination after doing a short ballet warmup. After, I was done or the day and made the 4 hour journey home.

This school I was at is a very good school and has an excellent program. However, in the last week or so, I have begun to question whether or not it is for me. It was my first choice but this last week I have received word from the school that I have been accepted into the theatre program, but not the musical theatre program. While I am honored to have been accepted, theatre is not what I want to study. Musical theatre is my passion and that is what I want to pursue. So I am starting to feel as though the door may be closing on that school.

A couple of weeks after, I went and auditioned at another school that is a little bit smaller, but a little bit closer. This school did not run their auditions nearly as professionally as the first school and I became very flustered before my audition even began. I first did a keyboard proficiency test and then did sight reading and music theory. Then I was finally able to go into my audition. Now, I walked into this audition with much less nerves than I had had for the first audition but this was because I was angry. I had met the theatre professor who would be sitting in on my audition earlier that day and he had been very rude to me kind of turning me off to their school and their program. So I walked in with t he attitude of, “well I’m going to show them” and honestly gave one of the best auditions ever. My two songs went almost perfectly and my monologues went off without a hitch. Then at the dance call we did a ballet combination and a jazz combination. Now, I do not pretend to be a dancer, I have had very little training, but I can hold my own. However, when you are the only non-dancer in a room full of dancers, it makes you look that much worse. But I got through it and left feeling decent about the audition.

I am still waiting to hear back from this school but honestly after how I was treated that day, I am not sure if this is the place for me either. I have also heard some more things about that school since that make me a little nervous and while it is still in the running, let’s just say I have other opportunities that may be more beneficial.

My most recent stop on this audition tour was to one of the biggest, most prestigious schools on my list. Because of this school’s positive reputation, I was very nervous going into it. But once I got on campus I felt so welcomed by everyone I met, students and faculty alike. They all went out of their way to set me at ease. The dance call was first and we learned a super fun combination from The Wiz, and although I have little training, I was able to keep up with the dancers in the room. Then I went over to my singing and acting portion where I had to sing one of my songs twice and then perform my monologue. I performed Everything I Know, twice because they wanted to see how I took direction so they talked about a different way they wanted to see me do it and then I sang it again. Afterwards, I had a short interview with the performing arts staff, and they were very positive. They told me they loved my sound, look and how I interpreted both of my pieces. At the end of the interview, I was preparing to leave and begin the waiting process when they said, “Look, we don’t say this to everyone, but we love everything about you and would like to go ahead and accept you into our program.” Now these words are an actors dream come true and put me on cloud nine for the rest of the day. I am still reeling that people who have so much experience in this industry, want me.

Now, this last school is clearly my top choice. I am already accepted, I love the school, and they seem to really want me on campus. I am just now trying to figure out all the logistics. I still have one more audition coming up, so we will see how that goes. But I would be completely happy to make this school my home for the next 4 years. I know they will help me get to where I need to be professionally and I think I will be really happy there.

Honestly, the hardest part about this process has been the amount of school I have missed. I have not had a full week of school since Christmas break and its been really hard keeping up with senior year, the show I am in right now, and the stress and pressure of all these auditions. But somehow I have managed to keep up and I am so excited to figure out where I will wind up. That school that was my top pick was a disappointment but, I know God closes some doors and opens some others and that He has a plan for where I should go.


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